The Burnout Syndrome (or Symptoms usually related to Managers)

The Job Burnout Syndrome used to be related to managers because scientists described symptoms of this health condition among the population of managers. However, the managers are not the only ones who are affected. Usually, this syndrome is present among professionals who work under pressure, have some targets to achieve and have a group of people with whom they need to achieve the results set.

The job burnout syndrome is accompanied with the following symptoms:
- chronic fatigue,
- exhaustion,
- headaches,
- back pain,
- insomnia,
- various symptoms related to intestines,
- nervousness,
- panic with an unknown cause,
- mood changes,
- alcohol abuses,
- low sex drive and arising problems in marriage…

In practice, the treatment of the health issues that correspond with the burnut syndrome is usually given in the form of the following advice: „you should avoid stress!“. However, we all know that the living conditions nowadays do not leave any chance for us to be free of stress. So, the question that remains is – how to fight against stress as efficiently as possible?

We have been living on this planet with stressful situations since the very beginning of humankind; however, the causes and the intensity of stress have changed during the course of time. Today, we additionally have traffic stress, stress related fo finance and loans, stress related to making ends meet, etc. Also, the modern age has another stress to humankind – the chronic exposure to low levels of heavy metals. Heavy metals are present everywhere and attack human body from air, water, food; also, they come from tobacco smoke, tattooes or so. Additionally, the electromagnetic stress coming from different sources is very present. We are exposed to electromagnetic irraditation from our mobile phones, which we usually keep in the pockets of our pants, near our testicles/ovaries. We are also exposed to irraditation coming from wifi during nighttime (while we try to catch some rest), from personal computers in front of which we sit around 12 hours a day… You can read more on the effects of electromagnetic irradiation (or, as some authors put it – electromagnetic smog) in The HEALTH FORMULA book.

The use of The HEALTH FORMULA protocol will enable you to reveal a vast majority of stress factors which are related to the development of manager's stress. By eliminating these factors or, at least, by reducing them, you will reduce or eliminate their effects on your body, too. The stress factors that will be left will be the one that we cannot avoid as they are related to the social setting, work environment, etc. However, you will be more efficient when fighting those few types of stress that have remained.

By applying this protocol, in two to three weeks you will feel:
- more energy,
- a better sleep quality,
- no sweating during nightime,
- elimination or reduction of headaches,
- better focus and mood,
- better communication with colleagues,
- better work quality and more working results delivered...

In two to three months, you will be completely rejuvenated!