Protocol of European Institute for Dietetics and Micronutrition – IEDM, Paris, France

Research on the health effects of the microbiota (intestinal microflora), the use of micronutrients and quality nutrition, are daily in the focus of the professional public around the world. Numerous papers indicate that quality and timely application of dietary supplements (including the previously mentioned microbiota and micronutrients), under supervision of a health professionals, has a significant and beneficial health effect and can, applied with drug therapy, significantly accelerate the recovery process and bring back body to the state of balance (homeostasis).

Prof. Dr. Dušan Vešović has achieved professional and scientific cooperation with the European Institute for Dietetics and Micronutrition from Paris, France and, according to the program of this Institute, he counsels his patients, as well as educates health professionals in Serbia through accredited and non-accredited courses. You can read more about the education of health workers, but also all those interested here.

In order to come to the counseling on nutrition and micronutrients use, you need to fill out two questionnaires online, which you will find at the addresses listed below. One questionnaire refers to your health condition, while the other refers to your nutrition. The results of the questionnaire are linked to each other and nutrition lifestyle habits that lead to health disorders are observed. By correcting them, health problems are reduced and the health condition is improved. On the other hand, the questionnaires also show certain symptoms caused by a deficiency of certain micronutrients and / or dysbiosis (disorder of the intestinal microflora), which indicates the need for the use of certain dietary supplements. The questionnaires were created by experts from the European Institute for Dietetics and Micronutrition from Paris, France

Once you fill out the questionnaires, the computer program instructs you to send the results to your "email" address, as well as to the address of the Center -, after which you schedule a consultation. To schedule an appointment for consultations, please send an inquiry to the "e-mail" of the Center -, so that we can have your contact and arrange an appointment. During the first consultation, the results of the questionnaire are explained to you, the method is explained to you and specific guidelines are given on how to improve your health by adequate nutrition and the use of dietary supplements. The first consultation lasts 45 to 60 minutes; control check-ups take about 30 minutes. There is a possibility of "online" consultation, if it suits you better (skype, viber, whatsapp).
The addresses of the websites where the questionnaires are located are: (questionnaire is related to your health condition) (questionnaire is related to your nutrition habits)

Questionnaires can also be found on the next page, where you will also find numerous scientific papers which in popular way explain the importance of microbiota modulation and the use of appropriate and quality micronutrients in maintaining health and strengthening the immune system function, which also helps in deseases prevention.

Do not forget to fill in both questionnaires.

When you fill out the questionnaires, in the window that appears at the end, you need to enter your data (name, surname, date of birth, email address), as well as my email address, and press OK. You need to receive the results of the questionnaire to your email address as confirmation that you have successfully completed and sent the results of the questionnaire.

After you complete both questionnaires, please send an e-mail to the Center -, to get in touch and arrange a consultation. Otherwise, we will not be able to get in touch with you.