Autoimmune Diseases

The prevalence of autoimmune diseases tends to rise and they have become one of the most frequent causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide.

They represent an abnormal reaction of the immune system of the body when the body creates antibodies that attack its own cells (as they attack bacteria and viruses in order to protect the body from invaders). By attacking the body’s cells, the immune system may cause harm which will lead to an abnormal function and changes in the structure of certain organs.

The symptoms one may feel can be related to the specific organ that is attacked by the auto-antibodies of its immune system, or can be related to various systems of organs if several of them are damaged.

The most prevalent autoimmune diseases are:
- rheumatoid arthritis
- multiple sclerosis
- lupus
- Hashimoto thyroiditis
- Graves' disease
- Crohn's disease
- ulcerative colitis
- type 1 diabetes mellitus
- Sjogren's disease
- sclerodermia
- celiac disease

The classical therapy for autoimmune disorders is presented by giving drugs which lower the immune response of one’s body. These drugs are corticosteroids. However, they do not act on the so-called, triggers of the immune system which are behind the impaired immune system’s response.

The best known triggers so far are:
1. food intolerance,
2. leaky gut syndrome,
3. heavy metal intoxication
(detoxification procedure is conducted in the first phase of The HEALTH FORMULA protocol, which is described in the book);
4. infection
(elimination of possible infection is conducted in the first phase of The HEALTH FORMULA protocol, which is described in the book);
5. hormonal imbalance
(may be due to the abnormal function of the thyroid, or adrenals, or pancreas.
6. chronic inflammation
(may be related to the factors listed above);
7. deficiency of some minerals/vitamins/trace-elements
(due to poor diet, an increased need for them due to intensive activity, the presence of some toxins in the environment, alcohol, addiction chronic illnesses, prolonged use of some drugs etc.)

The use of personalized and holistic treatment by The HEALTH FORMULA protocol, is focused on all of these triggers and tries to eliminate or diminish their influence on the immune system. It is recommended to start with treatment as soon as possible to ensure the best treatment efficacy (prior to the development of damage in some organs or systems of organs). The more serious the impairment of an organ is, the less chance there is to have its function recovered. By implementing the protocol, you will feel an improvement of your overall health by having the pain and other symptoms that bother your relieved very fast!