The conceptual, artistic, graphic solution of the cover, title and content of the book FORMULA ZDRAVLJA (in Serbian)
was deposited as an author's work in JAA-Serbian Authors Agency under ordinal number 157/2019, on 31.12.2019.

Review of the book "Health Formula" by prof. dr Dušan Vešović (2019)

As the editor-in-chief of the International journal Noise and Health (Wolters Kluwer), I read and review scientific papers every day that are often difficult for a wide readership to understand, because they use scientific language with many very specific expressions. On the contrary, I could enjoy as an "ordinary" reader by reading the book "Health Formula“ written by Professor Dušan Vešović, as if I had taken in my hands the good old texts written by Prof. Milan Jovanović Batut, who taught the Serbian people about the importance of applying healthy lifestyles. Dr. Vešović is an experienced doctor who correctly understood that a person should be treated, not a disease itself, and that an integrative approach achieves much better results in eradicating, but not only suppressing diseases. With a clear style and language understandable to every person, Dr. Vešović teaches about the importance of proper nutrition, physical activity, hydration, dietary supplements, electromagnetic field, relaxation and natural aging. The strongest side of this book is integrative medicine, which Dr. Vešović is dedicated to and publishes scientific papers. I agree with Dr. Vešović's view that integrative medicine belongs to medicine of future, because it takes all the good from evidence-based medicine on one side, but also traditional and alternative medicine, on the other - all of that for the benefit of mankind. The Serbian people say "Whoever protects himself, God protects him!"

By publishing this book as a compilation of correct and scientifically based advices on healthy living, Dr. Vešović is carrying out the mission of a doctor and humanist, which helps the reader to "protect himself!" Warmly recommend!

Prof. Dr. Goran Belojevic
Hygiene specialist
Noise and Health
A Quarterly International Intrerdisciplinary Scientifc Journal
Wolters Kluwer