International cooperation

Prof. dr Dušan Vešović has acchieved scientific cooperation with the European Institute for Dietetics and Micronutrition – IEDM from Paris, France. In accordance with IEDM protocols, prof. Vešović counsels his patients as well as he teaches health care professionals in Serbia how to understand and implement the protocols of IEDM related to nutrition and application of micronutrients in their patients. More about health care workers education, as for all others who are interested in this topic, you may find here. More about protocol related to counseling in the field of nutrition and micronutrition, you may find here.

Embryoclinic Fertility Clinic, Thessaloniki, Greece possesses the most modern medical technology, while the expert team applies medical protocols that are in the line with the latest international guidelines for in vitro fertilization - IVF. An applycation of the integrative and individualized treatment of professor Vešović (using The HEALTH FORMULA protocol) facilitates IVF intervention (e.g. through weight loss) and increases the success of in vitro fertilization itself (e.g. through an appropriate nutrition and supplementation program).

Antenna Foundation, Geneve, Swiss is engaged in scientific research and the dissemination of innovative and accessible technological, economic and medical solutions that meet the basic needs of the most disadvantaged. These are based on sustainable development, social justice and autonomy. The foundation collaborates with an international network of scientists on research projects in the fields of nutrition, water and hygiene, agroecology, traditional medicine, energy and microcredit. Prof. Vesovic is principal researcher for Serbia related to forthcoming diabetes project which will try to bring to light the prospective efficacy of the use of dietary supplements to help control of blood sugar level in unregulated diabetic patients already having drug therapy.