A.T. (45), former basketball player, civil engineer and basketball coach

I started the HEALTH FORMULA program at the beginning of June 2023 on the recommendation of a friend. I am a single, the mother of two teenagers and all three of us have passed through severe mental and physical abuse. Even though I've been active and full of energy all my life, but the stress and everything that happened to us, took a toll on my health. Of course, I started the program at the right moment -- when we returned life to normal. When I first came to see Dr. Vesovic, I had very few symptoms. I didn't feel tired and run down like most people, but I had less energy than I'm used to have. The quality of my sleep was poor, had insulin resistance and frequent neck and back stiffness accompanied by headaches. Already after the first phase of the HEALTH FORMULA protocol, my energy returned to normal, I slept continuously and peacefully, there were no headaches and stiffness. As for the diet during the first phase of the protocol -- the only problem I had was the absence of coffee, which I had been drinking in large quantities until then. However, I managed and drank chicory during that time as a substitute. Now I have reduced coffee to 1-2 during the day. We regulated the insulin resistance in the second phase of the HEALTH FORMULA protocol and I really don't feel the daily need and cravings for sweets like I used to.There was another problem when I first came to meet Dr. Vesovic. After serious injury, I have been suffering from ankle swelling for several months. With a proper diet, appropriate supplements, in addition to swimming and walking on the sand, the swelling and the long-term pain, quickly disappeared. Very quickly after program commencing, I stopped reacting to weather changes and presently I just don't feel any changes or any symptoms whether it's sun, rain, wind... The diet itself and the habit of hydrating the body in the morning were not a problem for me even at the beginning, because I had similar habits. Now it's my way of life. I managed to lose not so much excess weight, which I had never been able to do before. With the help of Dr. Vesovic and the HEALTH FORMULA protocol, I am well on my way to losing another 4-5 kg and getting my body back to normal and to the weight I had when I played basketball professionally. Thanks to everything, after a long time I returned to daily training. For me, the HEALTH FORMULA protocol has become a way of life and I will continue to follow it because a healthy body is the most important thing to me.

M.S. (28), professor of physical and health education

I work as a teacher both in primary and secondary school. Because of this fast-paced lifestyle, I neglect my body and my obligations to it. A lot of responsibilities at school and an unhealthy diet led to weight gain. I looked in the mirror and said it's time to do something about my health. On the recommendation of my wife, I contacted Professor Vešović to create a health formula for me together. The program consists of three phases, and I am currently in the third and the progress is fantastic. The percentage of fat loss is excellent and the muscle mass is improved. I feel full of energy, I'm ready to go to training every day after work, to run, to play football with friends. What is most important to me is that everything was achieved with healthy and tasty food, without starvation, and in a conversation with the professor, who is a very pleasant person, you learn that it is not so difficult to be healthy. The most important thing is that you have great support from professor Vešović and progress will surely come! My most sincere recommendation is that you contact the professor, so that your life does not pass in chronic, tired, sleepless and impaired health, and that together with him you find your health formula that will accompany you throughout your life. At my age, we are building the capital of the foundation of health that should sustain us as long as possible. For that you need a good guiding hand, and the professor is the right address to call.

B.J. (27), service advisor in the automotive industry

After extensive examinations and analyzes that showed that I was completely "fine", I contacted Dr. Vešović and the now famous HEALTH FORMULA, which I can fully claim to be effective, because I used it. I am currently at the end of the so-called second phase of the protocol. My state of health has improved a lot, but not only that, but my quality of life has also improved, I have returned to healthy lifestyle habits that were completely neglected until then. The first phase is the most difficult because then we change everything we did wrong and adapt the body to healthy food and habits. When the first phase is overcome, the second is a real pleasure, because many foods are returned to the daily diet in moderate quantities. Likewise, the number of supplements also decreases, which clearly shows the progress of the body, because it no longer needs them. Practically, the body returns to balance, as Dr. Dušan says, which treats the whole organism, not just the organ that protests because something is wrong, and it, as the weakest, sends clear signals that we should ignore it, because we are treating the consequences and not the cause. Now I am waiting for the third phase and after that I will write a complete impression.I would recommend the protocol to anyone who feels bad and doesn't know where to turn for help, especially if the lab results are "good" and the subjective feeling is completely different. It's not easy, I must say, but it was worth every sugar and gluten I gave up, even if I thought I couldn't live without sweets and dough. It's the turn of my friends who noticed the difference at the beginning of implementing my protocol and now that I'm nearing the end.Thank you to the doctor who devotes himself to the patient and creates therapy that is individual and not “copy-paste” for everyone.A big greeting for the doctor and his assistant and a big thank you!!

A.Ž. (25), student of medical faculty

My experience with the HEALTH FORMULA program is that this protocol puts in the foreground fact that the organism should be examined holistically and that we need to seek and solve the cause of disease, but not just to kill the symptoms of the disease. In my opinion, every person who failed to solve health problem with classical approach and finally underwent this protocol will testify the same as myself that this approach is more complete based on the way how the person is treated. I do not try to avoid classical medical approach of the diseases treatment, especially since I study Medical faculty, University of Belgrade. However, I do believe that this protocol is something that we miss in classical medicine in order to have full, successful story for our patients. I am diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and have tried to solve it at many medical clinics by using different medicines; they solved my problems for short time period, but symptoms unfortunately kept coming back... I felt that I did not do all I could for myself to be fit and kept trying to find missing link – and that is how I got to Prof. Dr. Vešović, who delighted me with his approach, way of working and really, after changing my diet, with the support of proper supplementation, I feel much better mentally and physically after a long time, and finally for a long time… All the warmest recommendations!

C.G. (54), entrepreneur

The HEALTH FORMULA protocol – name absolutely fits to the content of this protocol... In a short time period, with no much of effort engaged, a significant improvement can be achieved... The point is life style i.e. healthy eating and acquiring new habits, which we seem to have forgotten. More greens and fish in the diet, less dough and sweets... We already know all this but we don't stick it on a daily basis... That's why Dr. explained it all nicely, drew it to us, and made a list of things to do and things not to be done... I am very happy with the results.

A.D. (33), registered nurse

A holistic approach implemented by prof. Dr. Dušan Vešović is useful in many ways because it is oriented to whole person and helps her to return to her natural state by re-balancing the body. Dr. Dušan Vešović has a unique attitude, at the first place in the way how he is doing with us patients, understanding us, encouraging us and explaining us the situation which we are facing. Also, he instills confidence, security and belief that everything can be resolved. This is very important for me as a patient, because I feel safe, I am full of optimism, and faith. Additionally, I gain new information while check-ups because Dr. Dušan Vešović is full of knowledge, experience that he gladly shares with us - patients, in order to awake consciousness, conscience, and responsibility. The individual supplementation program and the way how the body is treated and restored to balance state by a professor is extraordinary and, in my case, full of success. In the beginning, I was scared and skeptical, but later was fascinated. Through this process, Dr. Dušan Vešović solved many problems that I had, helped me regain my cycle, detoxify my body, strengthen my immunity and, of course, the most important thing, he showed me what was good for me and what I needed to do. This is not just about health but also the lifestyle we have, the habits we have, the use of technical appliances, how much we sleep, and more. In fact, Dušan Vešović offers us his huge knowledge and provides the guidelines for a healthy and quality life. I have experienced all the benefits of this program and supplementation, I stick to it and that is what guides me. With this program, I feel healthy, strong and fulfilled and I know that the doctor is always there for me, which means a lot to me as a patient. I heartily recommend it to everyone, and thank Professor Dušan Vešović for my second chance to improve my life and health.

J.M. (32), nutritionist

I tried in many ways to find solution for insulin resistence I have and that is how I was told to try with protocol The HEALTH FORMULA. Additionally, I faced irregular function of thyroid gland, and suffered from migrains. Before I started with this protocol, I took many medicines according to suggestion prescribed; however, I did not solve my problem and had many new symptoms related to the use of drugs. This program I started with an idea that it could be one more effort to try to resolve my health problems. After first consultation with dr Vešović, I thought that it would be difficult to follow protocol. However, it was a mistake because I felt that my whole body positively reacted to protocol used which I felt like overall health improvement, including mood and the way of thinking. Also, I was afraid of how I would follow that "terrifying" way of nutrition. Very soon I have realized that I needed to give a very small effort from my side in order to reach noticable better overall health. Besides that, dr Vešović with his advices always supported me strong and was a great motivator for pushing me further with protocol. Aside better overall health and better way of thinking related to myself, I became more energetic which helped me to easily fulfill any tasks during a day, including dancing classes, which I love very much. This program shows that how habits are only our habits and we can easily replace them. It is challanging but it can be easily realized when you feel first positive effect. Thus, I replaced contents of my fridge with the good one, changed the items on buying list, changed my daily routine in accordance with protocol and new habit has been created. New habit that makes me healthy, happy and full of energy.

M.R (36), Master of health management

I started program The HEALTH FORMULA on recommendation of professor doctor Dušan Vešović. The whole protocol I undertook easily and I felt great! I think that diet change and avoiding gluten containing food along with the use of very good supplementation had the strongest influence on me. Improvement of overall health status I felt very soon after program commencing. Soon I felt no more chronic tiredness, my digestion was regulated, I felt much more energetic and had more strength, I slept better, and my skin bacame more beautiful... I got rid of pain in my stomach, no heartburn I felt anymore and I did not have any bloating. Besides that, my body weight became like I wanted to. All in all - it was amazing change! I recommend this program to everyone, especially to you with impaired health because the change and improvement of your health will come very soon.

T.M. (28), Master of economy

I would never forget my first experience related to recommendations Dr Vešović gave to me. Recommendations were related to diet change, elimination of toxic materials from my surrounding, and introducing of dietary supplements. During the phase of detoxification, I felt headaches, but soon after I felt an improvement of my mental and physical status and resolving of my health problem which actually was the reason for commencing this program. I would like to underline that doctor was always available for me and with his great support and advices we succeeded in this process. Individually tailored supplementation in accordance with aims and needs of body is one of better decisions I have made related to my health.

K.Đ. (28), Master of economy

I got a recommendation for The HEALTH FORMULA from my friend. He was extremely satisfied with the results of the program he got soon after he commenced it. I suffered from bad immunity and was not satisfied with my skin quality, my liver function was not as good as it should be, I had frequent nausea and because of all of mentioned here, I wanted to try with this program. Following consultation and examination of Dr Dušan Vešović, I commenced with regime he gave me. Detoxification of body was at first place. I really wanted to resolve my problems putting back body in balance and first three weeks I followed detoxification procedure. Soon I realized that this step is not so easy, but with good organization it became very feasible and brought immediate results. Following detailed examination, Dr Vešović recommended to me a list of vitamins as a part of the program. These vitamins helped me to fulfill a gap that I had in my body which in turn enabled me to build up strength and energy. After detoxification step, I received the list of nutrients and meals recipes which I have been using since then. Sometimes, I take pizza or sweets, but in general this program gave me guidelines and made me aware how proper nutrition along with the use of vitamins and minerals are important for good state of organism. Detoxification helped me to clean my liver and I got rid of nausea very soon. Also, this program showed me how imbalance in body may induce bad sleep quality and lack of energy. I would like to recommend to all consultation and exam of Dr Vešović regardless if you are sick or in good health, because only in that way you will get an insight what is the really state of your body.

M.Z. (30), Master of economy

I started with this program because I wanted to regulate my body weight. I adjusted my activities with the program easily. Almost only one week following commencing the program I felt better in term that I got rid of tiredness and became more moveable. Regarding my health - thanking to improved immune system function, I do not suffer from frequent common colds during winter time anymore. The loss of body weight is evenly and I would be happy to recommend this program to everybody.

I.M. (42), physiotherapist

My experience with The HEALTH FORMULA began about a year ago while I was reading the book describing the protocol. However, the great enthusiasm about the core of the problems of modern man and his bad habits ended soon, because I delayed with serious implementation of THE FORMULA due to my laziness. In September of 2020, I was diagnosed with the CORONA virus and I had a moderate form of bilateral pneumonia which was accompanied by weakness, difficulty in breathing… all this later resulted in general poor condition (fatigue, pain in the legs and chest, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, lack in the air…). After about two months from the first symptoms of the COVID-19 virus infection, I started with The HEALTH FORMULA program. During the first examination and conversation with prof. Vešović, I became aware of my health problems I had even before the CORONA, which I got used to over time and which have become a “normal condition” of my body. In fact, I had more than ten problems - from tired legs and chronic headaches to stomach problems in the form of bloating and indigestion; also, I had problems with memory and slowed thoughts - I felt like I am a 90-year-old-man! At the beginning of the first phase of the program, I felt that something strange was happening to my organism - positively strange. The first phase is detoxification. I felt that everything that should not be in my body, came out of me… I felt an increasing of the physiological needs of emptying to increasing the muscles tone. Very soon after I started a protocol, I felt the lightness of my stomach without being hungry at any moment, I felt more mobile, and for me the biggest positive shock was when I felt explosion of the organism in the form of physical and mental strength. This I felt towards the end of the first phase which, in my case, lasted 3 weeks. Especially my surprise was the feeling of "faster thoughts". At the beginning, I thought it was self-suggestive and imaginative, but now I really claim with complete certainty that (while I am in the middle of the second phase of the program), my brain works faster and better by maybe 30-40%. I'm sure it may sound excessive and marketing oriented, but I have no reason to tell a lie. Maybe I would also be suspicious before this experience, so I am sure that like many other things, until a person experiences it, he cannot fully understand its meaning. I also think that the program works only if the person really wants it, and not at the urging of another person or because "as one has to do something for oneself". This kind of endeavor, which changes the quality of life in every sense, must be sincerely desired and program followed in order to give the best possible results. In addition to the changed diet and recommended supplements, I also included morning breathing exercises and evening walks in the program. Since I am physiotherapist and suggest and teach my patients how to maintain regular breathing, I have set myself the same task now. It is very important to start the respiratory muscles exercises because without enough oxygen in the body, everything is difficult... I wrote this text only because I think it would be selfish not to share such a "good recipe" with anyone else. The HEALTH FORMULA has shown that it can change the quality of life and, with the God’s will, make that quality of life last as long as possible.

A.A. (32), ballerina

I am professionally engaged in physical activity (ballet) on daily basis and I have spent my entire career worrying about what and how much I eat. Sometimes I worried too much. People around me have always wondered how I can eat so little and still have maximal performance, but I have never been satisfied with the results. And I always thought that I was doing something wrong, but I didn't know what. While talking to my friend Vlada, whose two sons play football professionally, and seeing their physical transformations (they both follow this program), I have realized that I needed professional help. That would be the reason number 1 why I decided to undertake HEALTH FORMULA. Reason number 2 - I had a partial molar pregnancy and I narrowly avoided chemotherapy because of it. I have realized that my body needed detoxification and restarting. Reason number 3 - in addition to being a ballerina, I run my own business - a ballet school where I work as a professor, and also as a manager, organizer, administrator, accountant... The school has over 20 employees, which is not comparable to a large company, but still has challenges. The level of stress in addition to everyday stress was high and had a lot of impact on my "mental health". I have problems with sleep, mood swings, most of the time I felt tired, anxious, etc. Many people do not believe in integrative medicine, but when you are desperate, you are ready to try everything to feel better. Although medical drugs immediately improve feeling of one's health status, when one stops taking it, all of health difficulties return. On the other side, my goal was not to take medication for the rest of my life. Officially, there was no evidence that something was going wrong with me; on the other side, I felt that I had a health problems, which couldn't be proven by lab testing. The first sentence of Dr. Vešović was that we needed to return body to BALANCE. That was a key message I have heard from him, because that sentence absolutely explained what I was missing. During the first phase of detoxification, 60% of my ailments disappeared! Partial molar pregnancy left behind abnormally high levels of beta-HCG which needed to be reduced. Thanks to the detoxification program, from 3,500 the value dropped to 22 in three weeks (it was expected to be around 300-350). I didn't believe it! My mood was much better, I laughed much more often, I accepted problems with less stress, evening fatigue was much less pronounced and I had more will and desire for romantic moments. Now I am in phase II, where my goal is to keep all those achieved plus I would like to lose fat - those 2-3 kg that are constantly bother me. The program is not easy at first glance, but when you start to implement it, you will realize that is not that challenging.

N.P. (47), art historian, senior curator

I belong to group of people who think they know a lot about a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. I have been exercising regularly for more than 3 decades, performing a long walks, I have never had problem with being overweight, I didn't know what the disease was, I didn't use medication. There was no reason to doubt that it would stay that way…however ... Like many others, I have faced the disease caused by COVID-19 infection and experienced all of the devastating systemic effect which this virus induces in human body. The virus attacked my lungs and my heart. At the moment when I addressed prof. Dr. Dusan Vesovic for a help, I was completely tied to the bed. I couldn't hold anything heavier than a pencil, I could only say one or two sentences - everything else induced too much effort and I felt like I need to run a marathon. With great respect to the specialists in the field of classical medicine who treated my lungs and heart, I knew that an approach in medicine that sees a person as a whole and treats him as such can contribute to my healing. That was the main reason why I started applying the program of prof. Dr. Dusan Vesovic. Based on a large number of questionnaires about my health, life habits, diet, I received specific suggestions in relation to the correction of the nutrition and the use of certain supplements in order to return the body to a state of balance, as soon as possible. The first phase of the program involved a kind of detoxification, ie. throwing out a number of foods I had used until then, in exchange for some that were not sufficiently represented in my diet. This was a great challenge for me and I started the program with great curiosity. After all, I had nothing to lose - it could hardly be worse than it was for me at the time. I felt the first results on the third day from the beginning of the program. I started to get out of bed, and my mood became better and better. On the twelfth day, I was already able to prepare my own food and walk around the house. I woke up with a smile and fresh, without a headache, I felt I was full and energetic and had no problems with digestion, I had no mood swings ... I started to be focused on business obligations that I started doing from home, and felt physical and spiritual strength again. Today, after a little more than 3 weeks of applying the program, the symptoms of my underlying disease have disappeared, and I am full of energy, joyful, satisfied and enjoying life like never before! This program taught me that the healing power of the body is enormous, but also that I could not be able to achieve these results without professional help. Should with an integrative approach to treatment, you have along a cordial, dedicated and professional doctor like prof. dr. Dušan Vešović, the success is guaranteed! This is a program I would recommend to everyone!

M.B.J. (37), ballerina and a personal trainer

Professor Vešović was recommended to me by a friend who has had a serious health problem and sloved it with Professor’s help. After the cancer surgery and Covid-19 infection contracted second time, I was concerned about my health, without joie de vivre, my body was constantly inflamed, and my immune system was very weak. I was exhausted from the life circumstances and the constant hospital and labs visits. Then I visited Professor Vešović who is extremely attentive and positive person, yet very analytical medical professional, with a great knowledge and always willing to patiently explain the whole process to me more than once, when I was being skeptical and suspicious. Even though the holistic approach and the first examination looked very unconventional and difficult to take in at first, now after three months of sticking to the Professor’s advices, regular use of recommended supplements and following the meal plan, the results are a million times more energy, more physical and mental strength, my joy of life is back, and most of my health issues are gone. My advice for the prospective users of the HEALTH FORMULA protocol is to keep your minds open to the new things, to have patience and discipline, to eliminate harmful factors and people from your lives and to try and embrace this concept, even the things that you might not understand at the very beginning of the program, because it’s life changing and will bring to you health results you are seeking for.