Electromagnetic radiation from mobile telephony and male sterility - is there a link?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has been in the focus of health care professionals since its application intensified in all spheres of human life. Some studies have shown that EMR has no harmful effects on human health, while other studies have confirmed the many harmful effects of this radiation on the human body. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), based in Lyon, France, which works under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO), on March 31, 2011 released data from epidemiological studies related to health effects of EMR. Namely, the IARC classified EMR as a "possible carcinogen" because epidemiological studies have confirmed that, from the moment of commercial use of mobile telephony in the world until the end of the research, a huge increase in malignant brain tumors was found. This phenomenon is explained by the exposure of the brain to EMR during conversation. There has been a lawsuit initiated by person from Northern Italy who worked in a company using a mobile phone for business purposes 2 to 5 hours a day for 15 years. The worker got a tumor of the auditory nerve on the right side (on the side where he held the device during the conversation). Forensic experts have linked this case of an auditory nerve tumor to direct exposure to EMR mobile phone, and the worker received compensation after surgery.

Unfortunately, infertility is very present both in males and females today. During the diagnosis of the possible cause of infertility, it is often established that the person is "all right". If it were "all right", then the person would not have a fertility problem and would not undergo numerous, long-lasting, expensive in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures with questionable results. This text should point out one of the possible factors that reduces the reproductive ability of young people - mobile telephony! People of reproductive age carry mobile phones in their trouser pockets, in the immediate vicinity of their reproductive organs - testicles and ovaries. At the same time, they are not aware that they are exposed to EMR emitted by that device, which has a detrimental effect on their organism as a whole, and especially on that part of the body to which the radiation source is closest! Carrying a disposable EMR source with your body will certainly not do any harm; however, we are talking here about the chronic cumulative effect of EMR, which means that the effects from present are connected and added to the effects from previous months, years and so on. These changes are invisible to ultrasound or some other diagnostic method and then we often say "everything is fine", but there is a problem with conception. No, it is not fine, because the disorder is present at the cellular level - at the level of cell and tissue metabolism!

Present mobile telephony works with EMR emitters of 900 MHz, 1.8 GHz, 2.1 GHz, 2.45 GHz. As the use of mobile telephony grows and base station antennas emerge at every corner, so does the concern of citizens about the possible harmful effects of EMR on the human body. The results of some recent research on the possible link between EMF and infertility in men will be presented below. EMR leads to a decrease in sperm count, disrupts sperm morphology, motility and increases the risk of infertility. It is most likely that EMR alone is not responsible for the occurrence of sterility. The presence of toxic chemicals and compounds, which are increasingly present in our environment, also plays an important role here. Also, it is almost impossible to experimentally examine the synergistic effect that exists between the toxins present in an organism and the EMR to which that organism is exposed. Some research states that the introduction of 5G technology will have health effects not only on the eyes and skin, but will also have negative health effects on the whole organism!

The results of the research conducted by Gevrek and associates are interesting. They exposed a group of male Vistar albino rats to EMR mobile phones for 4 hours a day for a period of 6 weeks. They also had a control group of the same rats that were not exposed to EMR mobile telephony. After sacrificing rats exposed to EMR, it was found that these had smaller testicles and that their number of sperm was significantly reduced compared to the control group; the same finding applied to sperm motility. Testosterone levels in these rats were significantly lower than in rats not exposed to EMR. Similar research results were obtained by Tas and associates who bred Vistar albino rats in the EMR frequency of 900 MHz - this is a frequency significantly lower than the frequency used by 5G technology! During 2019, Jafar and associates stressed in their paper that numerous studies have addressed the possible impact of EMR on the reproductive capacity of men. The paper presented that 2.45 GHz EMR emitted by wi-fi routers is harmful to the male reproductive system by causing degenerative changes, lowering testosterone levels, accelerating programmed cell death (apoptosis) and leading to damage to genetic material in DNA. The attitude of previous research is fully supported by the work of Caesar and associates who stated that EMR emitted by microwave ovens, wi-fi routers and mobile phones, is a significant factor that reduces the function of the male reproductive system. La Wigner and his associates stated that EMR reduces sperm motility, causes morphological abnormalities, leads to oxidative stress, and decreases sperm count. It is also interesting to note that these abnormalities are directly related to the duration of mobile phone use.

There are certainly many such results derived from studies in medical fields, and we could list them indefinitely. This is not the goal of this text to list all the studies, but the goal is to point out that we often forget that we are exposed to chronic cumulative effects of certain health hazards (described in the book The HEALTH FORMULA), which we have accepted as an inevitability of modern life. These damages lead to dysfunction at the cellular level, which we cannot detect with modern means of visual detection (ultrasound, scanner, etc.). And that is why it often happens that we diagnose that "everything is fine" with the person, but the person feels bad. As a medical doctor who practice an integrative medicine, who is oriented towards a holistic approach in solving human health problems, I may say from my experience that we should look into the sphere of habits of the person we are treating because it is impossible to cure him with "magic wand" or drug, if he is exposed to factor(s) that make him ill.


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